Ale Inventory

A list of ales and ciders we've accumulated for your drinking pleasure.



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Lager & Cider


Cool, crisp and refreshing! Best served cold. Both so easy to drink.

Peroni Red (Original)

The original red label is Italy’s best-kept secret.

4.7% | £4.25 | 330ml


The definitive beach beer with a lime wedge.

4.5% | £4.20 | 330ml

Munich Gold

A timeless classic from one of the world’s oldest breweries.

5.5% | £5.75 | 500ml

Hells Lager

The reason Camden brewery started - a hybrid of the Helles and pilsner styles.

4.6% | £4.70 | 330ml

Daura Damm GF

The world’s most award-winning gluten free beer! Why not try it yourself?

5.4% | £4.80 | 330ml

Alhambra Reserva 1925

The most superb premium strength lager in all of Spain.

6.4% | £4.85 | 330ml


Kirin Ichiban

Ichiban means first or best in Japanese. We’re inclined to agree.

4.6% | £4.70 | 330ml

Alpine Lager GF

A full tasting lager with the flavour and body normally associated with stronger lagers.

4.0% | £4.85 | 330ml


A blend of bittersweet and culinary apples, with a dry finish.

4.8% | £5.45 | 500ml

Sheppy's 200

A traditional cider made from a blend of the finest home-grown and local cider fruit.

5.0% | £5.95 | 500ml

Rekorderlig Fruit

Wild Berries or Strawberry & Lime.

4.0% | £5.75 | 500ml

Rekorderlig Botanicals

Rhubarb, Lemon & Mint or Peach & Basil.

4.0% | £5.25 | 330ml

All Things Pale


From malty pale ales to hoppy IPA’s, there’s something for everyone in here.

Lancaster Bomber

A remarkable example of an English best bitter.

4.4% | £5.20 | 500ml

Big Wave

Packed with passion fruit flavours, a beautifully balanced beer from Hawaii.

4.4% | £5.20 | 355ml


A juicy, modern pale ale in the 440ml format.

5.4% | £5.50 | 440ml

Pale Ale

A British version, of an American version of a British pale ale.

4.0% | £4.60 | 330ml



Goose IPA

A multi-award winning IPA, taking an English style IPA with an American twist.

5.9% | £5.20 | 355ml

Proper Job

A sterling example of the traditional IPA style.

5.5% | £5.80 | 500ml

Saucery GF

An out of this world session IPA that has the bonus of being gluten-free!

3.9% | £4.60 | 330ml

Tribal Ale

House beer on draft. Brewed by our Beer Guru.





Fruit, glorious fruit! Discover a new side to beer with these fruity numbers.

Hanalei IPA

Inspired by Hawaiian POG juice (passion fruit, orange and guava).

4.5% | £5.25 | 355ml

Kriek Lambic

A classic lambic beer fermented with sour cherries.

3.5% | £5.95 | 375ml



Don’t be afraid of the dark! There’s more to stout beers than a pint of the ‘black stuff ’.



A marvellous milk stout brewed in its place of origin, Bristol.

5.6% | £5.45 | 330ml



Brodie's Prime Porter

A modern, dark beer with a surprising hoppy finish.

4.9% | £5.85 | 500ml

Low Alcohol & No Alcohol


At 3.2% and below, what these beers lack in alcohol, they make up for in flavour and taste.

Heineken Zero

After years of perfection, Heineken release their 0% lager.

0.0% | £3.40 | 330ml

Erdinger Alkoholfrei

Isotonic and non-alcohol. The German sports players beer of choice.

0.5% | £3.90 | 500ml

Schofferhofer Grapefruit

A grapefruit “radler” - the German version of shandy.

2.5% | £4.00 | 500ml

Yuzu and grapefruit

A botanically-brewed infusion of yuzu, pink grapefruit, Earl Grey tea and beer.

2.5% | £4.75 | 330ml



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