It’s important to us that all can enjoy the experience of dining with us and so our allergen information intends to help you make an informed decision based on an allergy or dietary requirement.

Whilst our dish and drink descriptions may not always mention every single ingredient, our detailed allergen information covers the 14 allergens specified by The Food Information Regulations that are present within our dishes.

Where a dish is marked as Non Gluten (NG), the dish is made from ingredients which do not contain gluten. Whilst we take every care and attention to cater to a gluten allergy or dietary requirement, we cannot guarantee dishes are 100% free of gluten due to cross contamination from ingredients during transit and the use of cooking equipment, such as our deep fat fryers, where dishes containing gluten have also been cooked.

Please note, our venue teams do not hold information on any other allergens and are unable to assist with selecting a suitable dish or drink for you. Though we would kindly ask you inform our team of an allergen before ordering. If you have an allergen query, please email our Head Office team on info@nwtc.uk.com before your visit and our team will respond within 72 hours.

Please take care when requesting modification or substitution of ingredients within our dishes and drinks, as it may render this allergen information unsuitable. As dishes do change seasonally or with the release of a new menu, we would recommend checking our allergen information regularly for the latest information.




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