March 27th, 2020


Whether you rely on inspiration for your personal or work life, it can be key to ensuring success!

The question is where could you find inspiration when you need it most? The Florist shares 5 ideas to inspire...

1. Listening to Music

Music can have a positive power over our minds!

With the power to influence our mindset, listening to music can help evoke a memory or emotion that triggers creativity. Plus, if 'creative block' is the reason you are feeling uninspired, music can help you relax, destress and free your thoughts. Helping those creative juices flow a little better!

Different genres of music can also inspire different reactions. Try listening to classical music to increase concentration or an upbeat genre such as pop or dance to encourage blood flow around your body and encourage movement (imagine weekends dancing in The Florist!).

With DJs every weekend at The Florist, you know where to find the inspiration to have a good time...


2. Stay Connected

It's not what you know, but who you know!

Maintaining a strong network in your personal life and your work life is key to ensuring fast-pass access to more ideas, motivations and inspiration! Enjoy meet ups, Facetimes or a monthly ideas sharing session to talk, listen and support each other's projects. You may just find that someone has the perfect solution to something you've been stuck on for months. And remember, collaboration over competition!

The Florist regularly host networking events, pop ups and business brunches to spark all the inspiration you may need.
For more details, check your location's Facebook, events page or @TheFloristUK


3. Or spend time alone

You can sometimes have too much of a good thing; and sometimes that might well be other's company!

Without distraction of the wider world, enjoying quality time with me, myself and I may just be all you need to restore your balance and find inspiration within your own thoughts! 

The Florist's beautiful floral setting offers the perfect spot to while away the hours, daydream or sip your way through one of our cocktails (or mocktails in work hours!)


4. Good food = good mood

Feeding inspiration, literally!

Whether you are an experienced cook or stay well away from the kitchen (The Florist's delicious menu has you covered there!), it's important to eat well, be healthy and nourish your creativity. Our menu is packed with vibrant dishes made with exciting ingredients, taking their inspiration from around the world. Plus, our delicious plant-based smoothies are ideal for fuelling inspiration anytime of the day. And if you can't get to The Florist, why not try your hand at cooking one of our showstopping dishes to inspire you in the kitchen. 

Follow us on Instagram for recipe highlights and digital masterclasses @TheFloristUK


5. Pinterest

Inspiration for literally everything!

With more than 250 million having joined the online moodboard platform, there's plenty of inspiration going around. Whether you're looking for delicious recipes, interior design inspo or planning for a wedding, you can be certain inspiration won't be far off. Plus, the platform has recently launched a new source that feeds you daily inspiration based on your preferences!

To join Pinterest, click here.





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